• Brokerage Details

    View the total brokerage amount paid for the recent month

  • Valuation

    Review the valuation of your investor by inputting their PAN

  • Statements

    Generate account statements and capital gain statements for your investors, statements will be mailed to investor emails

  • AUM

    Get the latest AUM according to asset type (Equity, Debt, Cash) for all Investments registered under your ARN

  • Market Share

    Enter your location and get your AUM market share

  • Live SIP Count

    Get running SIPs count and the expected inflow amount for live SIPs

  • Sales as on date

    Get Net & Gross sales information up to date for the financial year against your ARN

  • Transaction

    Initiate transaction for your investors by inputing their PAN and generate link for investors to complete payment


Features Part 1 - Valuation & Summary

Features Part 2 - Initiate Purchase & SIP


No, it's not needed, just empanelment is enough. However, it is always recommended that you also register on our Partner Portal so that you can do activities like eKYC, folio creation, track your investors and get various insights. Please register at https://partners.sbimf.com/Account/Register
Yes. EUIN holders can access SBI Mutual Fund WhatsApp, but only for initiating Lumpsum and SIP transactions. Ask your parent ARN to register your details & mobile number in SBI Mutual Fund Partner Portal.
You can use the SBI Mutual Fund WhatsApp service only with your mobile number recorded while empaneling with SBI Mutual Fund. If your number has changed, update your number to access the service.
Yes, you can login using one ARN code and then type "log out". You will be prompted to enter ARN again. Enter the second ARN and proceed.
Once you enter all details in SBI Mutual Fund WhatsApp i.e. your broker details, customer folio, scheme, amount etc., a link will be triggered to customer on his/her registered email and mobile. Customer must click on the link. All the information entered by you will be pre-filed and non-editable. Customer must enter bank details (for SIP or Purchase) or OTP (For SWP, Switch, STP and eOTM based SIP/Purchase) to execute the transaction.
No, folio creation is not available. Please create folio using Partner App or Portal. If customer already has a folio with SBI Mutual Fund that is not linked to your broker code but wants to invest through you on the same folio, you can initiate a transaction for that folio from SBI Mutual Fund WhatsApp. You broker code will automatically get captured on the existing folio for that transaction.
No. The WhatsApp part is only at your end. At customer's end, all activity happens on SBIMF.COM as a distributor initiated transaction with your broker code hardcoded.